Recycle Polyester
This polyester fiber is made by recycle PET bottles. The new technology is capable of reducing returned polyester products to their constituent raw materials, which may then in turn be used to make new polyester products.

Sustainable Cotton (Organic)
Sustainable Cotton encompasses biologically-based, IPM, and organic farming practices in the production,  manufacturing and use of cotton.The ultimate goal of “sustainable cotton” is to move sustainable production, manufacturing and use practices throughout the cotton value chain in order to create a healthy and profitable industry for growers, their communities, manufacturers, retailers and users of all cotton products.

Responsibility To The Future.
These years, the worldwide customers search for more environmental and sustainable material to use in the textile market to harm less the environment and protect our Earth.
Paltex, we offer you the recycle and sustainable fiber to let you have more choice to take care about the people, and the place.

1.   Recyclable materials

2.   Environment friendly materials

       Bio-tech fiber

       Bionic finished water repellent

       PUR non-solvent bonding technique

3.   Epochal fully polyester-recycle system (CLIMALOOP®)

       Reduce: reducing emission, reducing source used

       Reuse: bottle reused for spinning re-poly fiber

       Recycle: polyester's fabric and garment reused system

4.   Environmental responsibility

       No more heavy metal

       No more carcinogenic

       No more mutagenic

       No more toxicity 

       Non inhuman environment

5.   Certificate





      The world’s first Closed-Loop-Recycling-System for    

      polyester products only uses up one fifth of the energy

      and emits equally little amounts of carbon into the

      environment when compared to former polyester

      production. Waste is therefor reduced to a minimum

      and the usage of crude oils can be avoided. ​

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