According to the global market demand, Paltex offers a series of Lightweight fabrics with cordura collections for our world-wide customers – 30D, 70D, 100D, With high strength and good abrasion in Cordura series. CORDURA® is more durable than other fabrics. It's resistant to abrasion, tear and scuff-all the qualities you expect from a high-performance fabric. Regardless of your activities, you are certain to benefit from the toughness of CORDURA®.

Light weight Cordura has already broadly used in many applications. With the advantage of such this lower weight. Light weight (+ 30g /m2) is suitable and easy for people to take with them during traveling. The light weight serious is a symbol of NEW generation to textiles world and with our knowledge of textile design. We, Paltex can bring our customers to a higher level of creativity!

Performance, Light weight, Easy to be packed ,Various applications ,Multi performance.

End use: Outwear, Casual Wear, Tent, Sleeping bag and backpack


Stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio 

Resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions

Over thirty years of trusted, rugged performance

High tenacity filament nylons provide optimal tear


Optimal strength-to-weight ratio with exceptional styling potential

Typical Fabric Constructions

Lightweight nylon pack cloths, plain, rip-stop and dobby weaves Circular, flat, or warp knit