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2021 sports exhibitions report – PV Paris

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On the Cusps of Epidemic, many sports exhibitions turn to online marketplace. PALTEX assembled the main 4 exhibitions : PV Paris, ISPO Munich, Performance Days, Outdoor Retailer information for you.

Spring-summer 2023: Looking ahead to a season of fluidity

Today, the challenge in the design of any collection is how to integrate ideas that are as different as they are essential, such as ustainability and fashion’s desirability. The challenge lies in accommodating both fast-moving trends and long-term developments, to see the creative process from a sustainable perspective while keeping the connection to what excites us. Our new ethical thinking, spurred by a call for environmental responsibility voiced by a younger generation, joins the creative process through developments that are no longer conceived linearly but rather circularly. And fluidity – of seasons, genders and approaches – is there to accompany this movement.

The Spring-Summer 23 teaser

Spring-Summer 23 is shaping up to be a season of rationality and positive energy, a reflection of a complex world where the real and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, the slow and the fast, the sustainable and the frivolous all interact with each other.

Sport & Tech 23 S/S Preview – Appealingly dry handles

One’s first reaction? Astonishment! The hand lingers over the surprising feel of these materials. Crepe grains? For sport fabrics? Tiny-grained surfaces and featherweight products with an almost arid feel upset the typical tactile experience. These super-light, technology-charged fabrics generate a high-performance fluidity whose unique feel is sure to be a game-changer. Dry and springy, they flap like sails in the wind, with an eyecatchingly turbulent, dynamic elegance.

23 S/S Sport & Tech – Broadening the uses (of knits and woven)

For several seasons, knits and wovens have been swapping identities to expand their potential uses. Knits have deftly grown more stable, and wovens more flexible. Their traditional attributes are freshly called into question. Fine, dense knits – at once stable and extra-flexible – are a prime choice for distinctly outerwear uses. Wovens take on the bi-stretch flexibility of jerseys. Their unrestrained comfort makes them right for pants as well as tops and smaller items.

23 S/S Sport & Tech – A feeling for discretion

Urban mobility and sporty energy, elegance and performance continue to cross-hybridize their DNA. But this season, elegance clearly wins out in terms of visuals! Fabrics and accessories have a chic neatness, a minimalism enriched with cutting-edge functions. Structures are invisible, texture is scarce, but there’s a strong presence of fine, high-density poplins and canvas. Homage is paid to cotton, which edges away from its outdoor-wear connotations, flirting instead with shirts and trench coats. Featherweights and technical transparencies give way to a lightness that’s more opaque and above all stronger. High-resistance products vie for fineness and evenness, a far cry from that “virile” look they formerly embraced.

Next we will present the info of ISPO Munich, so stay trun and to what’s coming up.