The Features of the Product

The fabric provides the instant cool feeling of Temp. 1~2℃ lower when touching. After arranging the sample cloth on a cold plate to cool down for 5 minutes, we then place the sample on the styrene platform, exposing it to a hotter plate. Then the instantly measured value is called Qmax value. The higher it is, the better the cooling capability the sample possesses.

The fabric has a 3 ~ 5 ℃ temperature difference after being basked. studies have shown that in the process of exercise if the fabric has the cooling effect, the athletes can feel ...


●The reduction of the heartbeat rate
●The reduction of the respiratory frequency and thermal feeling
●A conspicuous prolonged period of consciousness
●The better ability to calm down and focus
●Better endurance and stamina after cooling down

The fabric is a wicking and UV-cut fabric.
The principle of the wicking fabric:
Wicking polyester has a special cross-section, which offers a larger surface area than the general fabric’s circular cross-section. The wicking fabric with the special cross-section simulates the natural wicking phenomenon to pick up moisture and sweat. They will evaporate easily after being carried to the surface of the fabric. This is the function of wicking.