Sustainable Textile 

Responsibility To The Future.

These years, the worldwide customers search for more environmental and sustainable material to use in the textile market to harmless the environment and protect our Earth.
Paltex, we offer you the recycle and sustainable fiber to let you have more choices to take care of the people, and the place.

  Recyclable materials

      Recycled polyester - recycled bottles

      Recycled Nylon-regenerated fishing net yarn

  Environment-friendly materials

       Biodegradable textile

       Bionic finished water repellent

       PUR non-solvent bonding technique

  Epochal fully polyester-recycle system

       Reduce: reducing emission, reducing source used

       Reuse: bottle reused for spinning re-poly fiber

       Recycle: polyester's fabric and garment reused system

  Environmental responsibility

       No more heavy metal

       No more carcinogenic

       No more mutagenic

       No more toxicity 

       Non inhuman environment