Cooling Textile Collection

As global warming has become increasingly serious now, the customers put the forward higher requirement to cool the performance of clothing fabrics in the summer. Moreover, the focus on fitness, sports, and leisure activities with increasing health consciousness among the population all around the world is likely to propel market growth.

PALTEX presented the cooling collection with various cooling technologies combine xylitol, natural minerals, and cross-section yarn to create a cooling & comfortable effect. The innumerable benefits offered by cooling textiles such as moisture-wicking, sweat evaporation, breathability, and ventilation, it also instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the body.

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Xylitol is been naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and birch tree, also it is completely harmless to skin. PALTEX Xylitol cooling tech is incorporated in the knitting process to create an instant cool effect and great hand feel with high washing durability. When Xylitol comes into contact with moisture like sweat, it reacts, creating a cooling sensation similar to mint gum. It is suitable for tops, hats and layering pieces.

*Natural mineral

PALTEX cool mineral yarn presented the cooling effect that comes from the natural minerals. Grounding the minerals in a powder form, which is melted, extruded and chopped into pellets and it can be combined with fibres during melt spinning process. PALTEX cool mineral yarn can cool the skin on contact and the performance to continuously cool, also provided comfort, control and elegance by keeping the wearer cool in the heat of summer.

*Cross-section yarn

PALTEX cross-section yarn is a functional polyester yarn with high-performance of moisture management. As the yarn has the special “pentagon shape” by the special texturizing process, it has more space between the filaments than the other regular ones, which can quickly transfer the body heat and bring cooling effect. Garments made with PALTEX cross-section fabrics can keep the wearer more comfortable during and after physical exertion giving the garment maximum breathability and ventilation.