Down-proof Fabric Collection

Down proof jacket has become pervasive within the outdoor industry in cold weather applications. This week PALTEX presented various down-proof textiles, including eco down proof and stretch down proof, double layers, and bonding down. Each item displayed light and soft characteristics that allowed insulation to fully loft.

* Eco Down Proof Textile

PALTEX eco down textile collection represented our commitment to sustainable fabric design, development, and production. This is an opportunity to implement sustainability while you are in the development process.

* Stretch Down Proof Textile

PALTEX stretch down-proof textile presented a tightly woven structure with elastane, which offers flexible and stretches abilities and can conform to the movement of the body.

* Double Layers

Made with water-repellent, windproof and durable PALTEX double layers: used the special tech weaving two layers together, and it also can block the wind and sheds light rain or snow.

* Bonding Down Textile

PALTEX bonding down fabrics used the innovative no-sew bonded technology to provide a durable and precise construction, which is designed to trap still air and improve the efficiency of insulation.

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