Recycled Fleece

Lighter and warmer

For the next winter textile trend, PALTEX updates the category of fleece with a recycled sound in the latest fleece collection, which combines plush, mélange twill and drop-needle structure. The fluffy structure provides the ultimate comfort and warmth responds to the natural motion of the wearer. The soft brush surface makes the inside and outside of the fabrics look fuzzy, hairy, and lighter and warmer than previous fleece collection.

The procedure of recycled polyester fabrics

The first step in recycled PET bottles process is to select and sort post-consumer PET bottles, and then going into the shredding process, in which the bottles are cut into flakes. After that, the flakes will be thoroughly checked to make sure they have zero impurities. The next step they go through a de-polymerisation and re-polymerisation process to be turned into PET chips. Then, the PET chips are passed through a spinneret and melted and cooled into fibres, and they are placed on reels to make yarn. Finally, the regenerated yarn can be used immediately and woven or knitted into the fabric again and has the same aesthetics and functional performance as conventional polyester yarn.

Fabrics type: Knit constructions

Polar fleece, Sherpa like fleece

Mélange drop-needle, plush fleece


Recycled, wicking, anti-pilling, brush