Sustainable Textile Collection - Lamination 2 Layer

Sustainability is a leading characteristic of textile sports products. Sports and fashion companies have focused more on sustainable textile these years so that we can meet the environmental and social aspects.

PALTEX sustainable collection – Lamination 2L combined with three different eco-friendly items

1/ Regenerated fishing net nylon

2/ Biodegradable polyester

3/ Post-consumer waste bottle polyester

We aim at completely closing the textile loop and make an effort step by step so that textile waste becomes a resource for our own industry again. Thus, we incorporated our eco-friendly fabrics with eco films, such as bio-based PRT film, recycled PET film and PA film with highly breathable and 100% wind- and waterproof, and then the final outcome –Lamination 2-layer could go through the recycled procedure completely.

Fabrics type: Woven constructions

Plain, twill, dobby, ripstop


DWR, breathable water repellent,

Bio-based film, PU film, TPU film,

Recycled PET film, PA film

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