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Sustainable performance textile – Biodegradable polyester

Biodegradable polyester textile is a new solutions for reduce the waste of linear consumption

Plastic pollution devastates oceans and land ecosystems worldwide and much of the microplastic problem is a plastic clothing problem. Current the path for textile post-use 99% of textile eventually landfilled via three processes, only 1 % of textile can be reused and recycled.

At PALTEX we have been committed to sustainable textile along the entire value chain for many years. Our latest Bio-degradable collections include bio- Polypropylene, bio-woven and bio-knit collections, which design for sports apparel and outdoor furniture, bag and baby carriage categories.

PAL Tech bio-degradable technology is by adding the organic additives into the fibre, while in the anaerobic condition the destruction of the material happens directly through the consumption by microbes. Regarding the timeline of biodegradability, bio-degradable textile takes nearly 3-4 years; compares to the virgin synthetic fabrics take 450 years.

With OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Bluesign® certifications, PALTEX bio-based textiles are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. These biodegradable fabrics can be used in normal condition, while in the landfill or under the sea it will be degraded in an anaerobic environment.

Bio-based PA Film

PALTEX’s bio-based membrane is made with a polyamide sourced from castor oil. The castor plant is inedible and can thrive in an arid and tropical environment, which means there is no competition with crops destined for human consumption. Compared to products sourced from fossil fuels, castor oil sourced products require less energy to be produced and therefore less emission. PALTEX material keeps excellent breathability and physical properties.

Bio-degradable PP

Performance benefits:
-Sustainable textile with bio-degradable characteristics
-Solution dyed PP with excellent color fastness
-Natural water repellent not easy to stain and easy to clean
-Lightweight and outstanding durability
-Denier range 450D*660D