Work wear – High Performance Collection

Paltex Workwear Textiles blend the company’s wealth of experience in outdoor textile and the stringent standards of renowned brands with cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled durability and supreme comfort for all-weather work conditions.

For years, leading workwear brands have placed their trust in Paltex’s proven quality, knowing they are well-equipped for any situation. Join us in exploring and finding the fabric quality that best meets your needs, ensuring you are fully protected and supported in any work setting.

High-quality workwear is crucial for dealing with harsh working conditions. Its main functions are protection, comfort, durability, and freedom of movement. In addition to shielding against dirt and protecting the skin, good workwear also remains dry even after sweating.

“Consumers often spend the whole day outside, busy at work, but the physical intensity varies, so we need to design clothes that can handle various conditions. Sometimes, workers may sweat a lot while crawling through pipes, while at other times they might not move around as much, so the focus needs to be on staying warm,” said a customer who uses Paltex softshell fabric.

“The fabric need to be usable year-round, and must comply with the latest environmental regulations, such as carbon reduction, recycled materials, and no-harmful chemistry”

PALTEX workwear textiles seamlessly blend high functionality with ultimate comfort.

Our diverse range of all-weather innovative designs bestows additional advantages on our fabrics.

We are on a mission to make our entire product line 100% free from PFCs and PFAS by the year 2025. Moreover, our products are responsibly manufactured with traceability and are constantly innovating for sustainability, in compliance with the bluesign® system.


Paltex has long focused on the most innovative and advanced eco-friendly materials. However, to ensure the safety and durability of our workwear series, we have made some tough choices. Some products still use original materials because robust fabrics have a longer lifespan, are more durable, and can extend the product life cycle, thereby reducing waste. For the linings or insulation layers, we offer a variety of environmentally friendly materials.