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Sustainable performance textile – Recycled nylon stretch woven

PALTEX is committed to eco-friendly textile innovation. Our latest sustainable performance textile – recycled stretch woven are from waste fishing nets and pre-consumer waste yarn.

Regenerated fishing net Nylon

PALTEX regenerated fishing net fabrics are made from 100% Taiwanese waste fishing nets, which were collected from the coastline of Taiwan. The steps of the recycling process of collection sorting and processing of textile are all in Taiwan, thereby saving the environment CO2 emissions produced during the manufacture and transport of raw material. After the complex recycled procedure to produce the regenerative nylon fabrics, all the process is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) by meeting its environmental impact requirements.

Pre-consumer Nylon waste yarn

PALTEX valorises the discarded nylon textile, which is diversified from the waste stream during the production process, by re-converting it into brand new and high-quality nylon fabrics. We strive to use resources efficiently at all stages of our production process, and we favour the use of sustainable resources and target zero waste.