Sustainable Textile

We work closely alongside the fabric mills, developing a cooperative relationship based on transparency and shared commitment to sustainability. Morever, we are pursuing new business models that move away from the take, make, and waste linear models of the past.


Climaloop®  is the project that we cooperated with PURE in 2013.

The awareness of environmental protection has been on the rise, Paltex believes that being a success in the market place requires taking responsibility when it comes to environmental and consumer protection and prioritizing the ecological footprint as a prerequisite in corporate strategies.

A Better Future of Textile Industry

For the fabric production process, we want to make fundamental changes to the way that we treat our environment, which is not only fit into your requests but aims to represent transparent, clean and eco-friendly fabrics production in the textile industry.


Paltex integrated upstream and midstream supply chain to reduce the process at all levels, enhance recycled elements and renewed traditional practices.

Sustainable Textile

Sustainability takes a particularly strong direction. PALTEX expands our eco-friendly collection for collection: regenerated fishing net yarn, Garment recycled yarn, Eco film for lamination. 

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Environmental Certification

Paltex plays a significant role in making our environment safer by supervising strictly the manufacturing process of synthetic fabrics to avoid hazardous chemicals and join Blue Sign and OEKO-TEX® Association.

Environmental Certification

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