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Dope dyed fabrics with color gradient effect

PALTEX’ latest dope dyed fabrics collection is designed with a color gradient effect, representing a rainbow color look.

Delivering dope-dye fibre with the colour gradient effect and superior performance and leading styling aesthetics is an extreme challenge. PALTEX Color Gradients Dope-Dyed collection is the innovative textile development for sports & fashion apparel applications. Through groundbreaking technology, we developed the commercialised dope-dyed yarn in a linear colour gradients palette presenting an elegant colour gradients effect and a shimmery colourway. There are 5 advantages of colour gradient dope dyed fabrics

1/ Brilliant color without the migration issue

Dope dyed polyester fibres are created by adding masterbatch colourant, which is the mixed version of pigment and dyestuff. Combining both advantages of colourant, this innovative dope dye tech improves the colour fastness properties of the fibres and achieves shimmery colourways.

2/ Features & Benefits

Excellent colourfastness & light fastness- All colour > 4 grade Extended fibre life is another impressive advantage of dope dyeing as the colour is delivered throughout the fibre. Dope dyed yarns retain their new appearance longer and offer unparalleled stain and fade resistance with an outstanding performance against harsh chemicals and cleaning methods

3/ The tech of Gradient colour yarn

The yarn of gradient colour effect is created from the warp-woven polyester yarns, which has been carried out with the incorporation of pigment and colour dyeing by masterbatch addition. In the colouring process, the repeated cycle of gradient yarn can be customized in the form of 2.2KM to 4.4 KM with 8 available colours. Moreover, compared to the normal dope dye, colour gradient dope dye yarn with lower MOQ, which offers a flexible option for customers

4/ Sustainability principles for the textile industry

PALTEX colour gradient dope dyed polyester fibres are made from the recycled PET with GRS 4.0 certified, mixing with the polymer before extrusion and bending during the melt stage. As a result, it saves both water and energy since it requires no liquid dyeing, rinsing and machine drying. With Blue sign, GRS and OEKO-Tex certifications

5/ Additional performance (by chemical)

The fibre design and architecture of PALTEX colour gradient dope dyed yarns are flexibly engineered to deliver optimal levels of performance, such as wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-UV.