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Yarn-dyed fabrics

Yarn-dyed fabrics can be seen as a way that interwine design, style and trends.

Yarn-dyed fabrics are distinct from piece-dyed textiles. The former one must be dyed before weaving, but the latter one is first woven and then dyed. In yarn dyeing, the dyestuff penetrates the fibres in the core of the yarn. Yarn-dyed textile is generally applied on check pattern shirt, which contains several colours patterns. For example, a three colours check pattern is composed of three different colour yarns, with each colour yarn being individually dyed, and then three different colour yarns can be weaved into the three-colour pattern without migration problems.

Fabric type: Woven construction
Dobby check, multi-tone dobby, twill check, horizon stripes, seersucker

Water repellent, wicking

Advantages of yarn-dyed fabric

1/ Colourfastness and stereo abilities are better than piece-dyed and printed fabrics

2/ Suitable for multi-colour tones fabrics development with soft and rich texture.